BRICS Business Magazine English Issue #1(25) 2020

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About BRICS Business Magazine

BRICS Business Magazine is a bookazine —

a book-like magazine – addressed to global investors, businessmen, politicians, and experts.

A business and humanitarian publication on rapid-growth markets, it is issued four times a year and explains how to understand others.

The goal of this project is to organize a direct information exchange between the BRICS countries and other emerging markets.

We define a bookazine as a thick magazine with complex printing which is designed for slow reading and filled not in accordance with a constant set of sections, but rather in accordance with the topics chosen. Our bookazine includes (with occasional exceptions) three main kinds of data:

  • essays and columns that would fit into “Opinions” or “Recommendations” sections
  • indices, ratings, and rankings
  • business cases

Industry and event projects as well as investment guides are featured as special add-ons.

Authors & Experts

Branko Milanovic
Branko Milanovic

Visiting presidential professor at City University of New York Graduate Center; former lead economist in the World Bank’s research department

Vladimir Korovkin
Vladimir Korovkin

Head of the Digital Technologies at the SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies

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