BRICS Media Initiative is a large-scale and long-term strategic project. The general idea rests on the fact that the world is changing and this process is spearheaded by new leaders with the BRICS and other emerging markets blazing the trail as the main drivers of economic growth in the world.

I believe that any emerging economy that has already become more than 1% of global GDP should not be thought of as a traditional emerging economy. Currently, there are 8 such countries: each of the 4 BRIC nations, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey – 4 of our so-called ‘Next 11’ group. These 8 countries collectively are 25% of global GDP, so the same size, if not slightly bigger, than the U.S.”

Jim O’Neill, interview to BRICS Magazine

BRICS Magazine is not just a gateway to, but also a rigorous examiner of the state of affairs within High-Growth Markets. Up until now such approach has never been made a cornerstone platform of any meaningful media product. This fact played the decisive role in the development of the whole initiative and BRICS Magazine in particular. The project has been launched to tell the emerging markets story, but more than that, it is a consistent pro-emerging-markets initiative.

Today, it is still impossible to fly directly from Moscow to Sao Paulo without a transfer somewhere in London. The information takes the same indirect path and reaches the developing world through the developed markets. The supreme goal of the BRICS Magazine is to offer a direct information nexus between key BRICS cities and to channel opinions of the elites both to their peers and to a wider business audience.

It seems to me that the magazine is getting started not when everything is established and solidified but at a time when the pace is accelerating. The abbreviation BRICS has been around for eleven years – a significant amount of time in the life of a person – but historically, that’s nothing. It will take another 10-15. By then a new generation will be operating in a system with different coordinates.”

Ruben Vardanyan, interview to BRICS Magazine


BRICS Magazine is the first step in the development of BRICS Media Initiative. A strong international editorial team has been formed and contributes to the English and Russian language editions of the magazine. BRICS Magazine has already appointed representatives in the U.S., Great Britain, China and India. Ruben Vardanyan is the Editorial Board Chairman of BRICS Magazine.

I would like to wish the BRICS Magazine team the best of success. We will closely watch the development of the publication and are ready to provide all the necessary practical help and support both in terms of the content production and promotion of the magazine within its target audience.”

Dmitry Peskov, Presidential Press Secretary, letter to Ruben Vardanyan

Several premier issues of the magazine have proved exceptionally successful, as prominent investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists from around the world have shown genuine interest in the project.

Given the fact that there are many highly qualified professional investors among the readers of your magazine, I think if we name several specific small countries these could right away be classified as ‘overvalued’.”

Viktor Vekselberg, interview to BRICS Magazine

BRICS Magazine premiered at the Moscow’s session of the World Economic Forum and has since been a media partner of The Fifth BRICS Summit in Durban, The Russia Forum, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


The launch of Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese language editions will become the next step in the development of BRICS Magazine. Combined with the current English and Russian versions, the publication will strengthen its status of a leading emerging markets media project.

The BRICS Online web portal and BRICS Business Awards ceremony will become the two other cornerstones of the BRICS Business Initiative. Such 360 Degree Approach will allow developing the original idea to its fullest potential and falls in line with the contemporary media business logic.

BRICS Online is an international web portal that combines the functions of an information provider, a center for analytical expertise, and a forum for discussing and promoting the “BRICS agenda” – the most comprehensive investigation of the political, economic and humanitarian development of the emerging markets.

The portal consists of three communication resources (parts) offering analysis and information: “Bridging Communities” targeting business and professional groups, “Guiding Investors” reaching global investors and “Leading Nations” catering to politicians, scientists, global and local think-tanks.

BRICS Business Awards are about recognizing ideas. The project has been designed to incentivize new efficient approaches in all practical business areas and to subject any traditional methods and conventional knowledge to a rigorous test. The primary objective of the Awards is to identify and reward people and companies that have been successful in addressing social and business problems and made our life better and more comfortable every day.

The BRICS Talks, a series of speeches and presentations by researchers and business innovators designed along the lines of the famous TED Talks will become an important stage in preparing for the BRICS Business Awards. Each speaker will be given from 3 to 30 minutes to make their case and present their original idea, experience, discovery, achievement or a new approach to a known problem. The best ideas will be included into the long-list of BRICS Business Awards nominees.

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