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It’s been eleven years since the acronym BRIC(S) came into being – and the concept garners substantial interest to this day. Unfortunately however, as relevant as it may be, it’s a subject that remains poorly understood. There are still too many stereotypes and myths circling about. And these need to be shattered.

The goal of the magazine that you hold in your hands is to describe, explain, and provide a window into these new countries, and to unmask their potential – potential that perhaps not everyone is aware of. It’s a serious challenge and I wish the project the best – may it garner the attention of readers and provide a platform for insightful writers.

Let me also add that the publication will cover a wide range of topics, will be multi-faceted and multinational – just like the world that it will strive to examine. These qualities will, by extension, be reflected in the magazine’s editorial board, which will be tasked with providing the project with expert support.

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