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The Family Collection offers wealthy clients exclusive books and book collections. Director Svetlana Promyslova speaks to BRICS Business Magazine about the company’s services.

What do you think about the current state of the elite book segment given the overall fall of the book market?

We are witnessing steady growth. All industry experts agree that despite the growing popularity of electronic books, exclusive editions will remain in demand. This is an example of high art of polygraphy.

What is the motivation of the readers who choose expensive and exclusive editions, comprising their collections of them?

A rare book that is published on wonderful, expensive paper, with a real leather binding, with the author’s illustrations can deliver reading pleasure incomparable to anything else. A solid household and business library is not only a sign of aristocracy, but also an excellent investment. This is both a material and spiritual legacy for one’s children and grandchildren.

Do you remember the phrase “a book is the best gift”? The claim has been time-tested and primarily concerns people with a high social status, who ‘have everything’, and who are difficult to surprise. A unique book is one of the most memorable gifts, and it emphasizes intelligence and the impeccable taste of the giver.

Secondhand and antique books from the Soviet period had a rebirth due to handcrafted bindings from genuine leather. Are they in high demand today?

Yes, you can say that this is a trend. For Family Collection, it is one of the key directions. Firstly, in contrast to pre-revolutionary antique books, they are convenient to read due to modern grammar and spelling. Secondly, it is a monument to that era. Thirdly, secondhand and antique books from the Soviet period can be called masterpieces of typography, which is already lost in many ways.

Which editions do your customers prefer?

Our customers, without exaggeration, can be called the elite of Russian business and politics. These are individuals who are part of the Forbes magazine’s ‘golden hundred’, as well as large companies. Tastes vary, of course. Demand is evidently high for luxuriously published classics, as well as historical works, books on art, and children’s and business literature. Parents rightly believe that well-published books will help instill a culture of reading in their children.

Antiques and antiquarian books of the Soviet period account for approximately 50% of requests, modern exclusive editions for about 40%, and pre-revolutionary antique books and reprints for about 10%.

How do you assess the company’s position in the market and its prospects?

We are growing steadily and are optimistic about the future. The company Family Collection has been around for over six years; we have a wide range of exclusive books and book collections. Years of experience, professional staff, and a high level of customer service have enabled us to become leaders in this market segment. We have become not only assistants, but also friends to many of our customers.

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